Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sick Love Melody

You held my heart in your hand and played it to the beat of your sick love melody.

Dancing like a puppet, I moved across this dance floor like a complete fool,

An idiot trapped in an invisible cage, screaming at the top of my lungs

To escape this mental love prison, looking to the sky and seeing the sun,

But blind to the light, all I could see was darkness and despair,

Black clouds over my head dropping rain and monsoon storms,

Every drop dripping down my face into an endless pit,

The same pit that I was cast into when I met you.

Being with you was like an eternal life sentence in hell but when

I looked around and opened my eyes, I was living a nightmare right here on Mother Earth.

The further we got, I unearthed that all you wanted was to be the mother of my children,

Sexing and flexing, trying to stay fertile like Mother Earth.

I dug my plow through your fields but never planted the seed,

No life forms were able to germinate, instead we became lifeless love forms waiting to terminate.

Because while you were trying to harvest the fruits of my labor, you were out doing the same

To another.

And through it all, you continued to hold my heart in your hand and play it to the beat of your sick love melody.
-Tim Rupnarain

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